Getting started

- Start living your healthy life -

Welcome to the first post of the blog, dear reader! :)

I'm so happy to finally set up the site and even the connected Facebook page (likes are very appreciated) so I can start being active to share my health articles, recipes and some of my thoughts with you.

I live in Northern Ireland at the moment where there were some really annoying happenings around me which recently prevented my little activities. First of all, I have not had Internet for 1.5 months so I was literally disconnected from the entire world. After finally getting it back, I moved to another apartment where the ceiling crashed in completely which was a bit unpleasant so I did not have a chance to present the things I have thought a lot about.

But now I am here and you can start being exceedingly healthy with me if you want! :)

As you can see, I have created three categories on the blog. Under the 'Food Inspiration' label, I would like to share some food creations with you to inspire you to make healthy meals. If you click on the title 'Health Theory' in the near future, you will be able to read articles I write with the purpose of better understanding your body and the root causes of diseases and I also would like to give some advice on a few particular health subjects. To make the blog more personal, I tend to share some posts about where I go and what I do under the 'My Diary' label so read them as well if you want to get to know me a little (I promise I will not bore you to death).

All in all, I am really delighted to share my insights and experiences of my health journey with you. I would like you to discover and understand that your mere existence, even without chasing goals perceived as important, can simply become euphoric in terms of perfect physical and mental health.

Hope you'll join me! :)


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