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- I hate & love about Christmas -
My diary #3

First of all,
Merry Christmas to you all!!

After a little walking today, I thought it would be a good idea to finally write a blog connected to this special time of the year. There are some things which annoy me during the holidays but, at the other hand, a lot of stuff can delight me too. I would like to present these thoughts with the help of 2 lists hereinafter :)

Things I hate about Christmas

1. Social media activity when everybody is too creative in every possible way
2. Others asking me if I bought any presents, sent any presents or have an xmas tree already
3. Crowd in the shops
4. When I'm a bit tense about my loved ones being happy about my gifts
5. Over-embellished Christmas greetings images
6. Food wasting all over the world
7. Listening to cheesy xmas songs from my childhood
8. When you must be cheerful at all times, because it's Christmas
9. Having a look at my bank account after I got all the presents
10. And finally: finding the end of sellotape to start taking it!!!

Things I love about Christmas

1. Christmas feeling in the air
2. Christmas lights
2.  Family members are happier and they get closer
3. Wrapping gifts and finding the end of sellotape successfully
4. When it's time to open presents
5. The face of my loved ones when they open my presents
6. When I can use/try out my new things
7. Eating healthy foods and knowing I won't suffer from a sugar and meat overdose like the rest of the world
8.  I don't need to work
9. Since I don't need to work, I can go out and have more fun and visit places I've wanted
10. Watching lots of non-Christmas, good quality movies!!!

Actually, it was not as easy to put these lists together as I imagined it firstly :D
What do you hate and love about Christmas? If there is anything I have not thought about, plesase let me know in a comment :) Joining me on Facebook is also very welcome :)

Thank you,

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