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If you understand how acidosis affects your body, it might change your life.

I have a friend who always wanted to lose weight and suffered of recurrent kidney problems and who I told about acidosis and the importance of healthy eating a lot. Her response usually was: "She thinks that she will not feel better or be more shapeful if mumbles carrots". Then a bit later I showed my first article presented on my very first blog to her in which I explained the process of the body's acidification and the benefits of a healthy, plant-based, alkaline diet. After reading it, she suddenly got it. Since then she has cured her kidney symptoms and her body weight has stabilised at ideal thanks to some changes in her diet. It makes me happy I could help her and I honestly hope that I'm able to reach others too through this article (which is based on the mentioned blog entry but I have updated and improved it for your better understanding).

To start with a little definition, let's clarify what acidification itself is.

Acidification of the blood and tissues is a complex progression since there are a lot of factors that generate it. Living a fast-paced, excessively overstimulated daily lifestyle such as eating on the run (and eating the wrong food), will lead people to face constant symptoms of indigestion and a growing endangerment of over-acidification in their body. This is the major root cause of every sickness and disease; the first step towards losing our health.

Acidosis is an increased amount of acidic waste product in the blood and body tissue. The pH of our blood obviously must not fall under 7.35 (otherwise we would die), so our body does everything to eliminate these toxins from our vessels to maintain its slightly alkaline design. For this reason, our body stores all waste in our cells so becomes overwhelmed easily.

The process of over-acidifaction has an affect on each cell; toxicant products can be stored in joints, blood vessels, organs…, but the most common solution for our body is the storage of these products in adipose tissues. Actually, fat is useful, because it protects the main organs from the harmful effect of acids. Fat literally saves our life. When the food breaks down into acids - lactic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid - in the body, it doesn’t matter if you eat less or follow a reputable diet, you might find yourself at a hard time to lose weight.

If we consume too many harmful substances like animal products, preservatives, additives, white sugar, alcohol, just to name a few, our digestion will slow down and our bowel system will lose its flexibility and become “lazy”. Bad digestion lets harmful microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria, proliferate significantly all because we have created a perfect environment for them to get a foothold. Their waste products, called mycotoxins, also damage our cells and the proper functioning of our system.

The first, obvious stage of acidosis is fatigue. One day you may realise that you feel tired and drained and you don’t have enough energy to deal with your tasks during the day. Then you may experience other symptoms too, like dry skin/eczema, allergies, pain in your muscles, indigestion, respiratory problems, headaches, depression/psychological symptoms, fungal infections, insomnia, osteoporosis, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, headache, food-intolerance or diabetes. All of these easily lead to the most extreme consequences such as heart attacks, cerebral haemorrhages or cancers.

The equation is easy. You simply should not consume substances that break down acids since your body has a hard time eliminating them through the four channels of your elimination which are urination, perspiration, respiration and defecation. If you left acidic substances out of your diet and considered what you put into your body, it could regenerate itself every single day and your life would remain happy and healthy without severe, or less severe, annoying health problems.

Let me close this article by a powerful quote from a significant person who I learnt a lot from. (Then join me on Facebook for more health articles, maybe.)

“Once you know and believe that over-acidity causes every disease and most of the diseases, then to ignore that fact is a form of suicide. When you eat poorly, you pull the trigger every day of your life, and eventually the gun fires. The bullet might hit you square in the head like a massive heart attack, or it may kill you more slowly like a cancer, or simply put you in a fog for the next fifteen years like Alzheimer’s or dementia.” - Dr. Robert O. Young

Thank you, Rose

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