Courgette spaghetti

- Food inspiration #2 -

Recently, I have ordered a vegetable slicer from Ebay on a very tiny price (I don't remember how much it was exactly but you can get it for a few dollars/pounds from many online webshops).

After the postman dropped the little item through the door, I happily grabbed a courgette and made a bowl of spaghetti with it immediately. I could have used a cucumber too but I think that the texture of courgette is simply more pasta-like.

When you have your healthy noodles, you just have to use a bit of a creativity upon what to put to the top. It goes without saying you can use anything you want as a dressing like avocado cream (guacamole), hummus, olive oil or your own tomato sauce but at this time I prepared a special topping that I could not name properly because it's absolutely random. I just put a carrot, two tomatoes and a bell pepper in the owen for about 15 minutes then blended all the ingredients with a bit of olive oil and Himalayan salt. You can see this dressing on the photo.

Also let me tell you why courgettes are good for your body to inspire you even more. They contain significant amount of Vitamin A, C, K and B-complex vitamins as well as potassium and dietary fiber - all good things. Vitamin A strenghtens your immune system and your vision in dim light. Vitamin C is a basic vitamin being necessary for your healthy cell functions. Vitamin K helps your wounds heal faster while B-complex vitamins promote the birth of your red blood cells. Potassium has a key role in keeping your nerves and muscles healthy and finally, dietary fiber helps your digestion which contributes to proper weight and blood sugar balance.

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Thank you, Rose

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