Green bean salad

- Food Inspiration #1 -


~green beans
~salad beans
~red onions
~grinded walnuts
~sesame seeds
~Himalayan salt

When I was a child, I completely refused to eat veggies and I was quite sick when there were green beans on the menu at the school's cafeteria. However, after my diet change, I re-discovered how delicious green beans are and I really love to make my diet various with them.

Love green beans :) They are very healthy, containing loads of vitamin A, K and C alongside B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, fibers and many more good things. Check them here if you're curious. 

This salad is an excellent possibility to reserve the alkaline state of your body. It's also not complicated to prepare. Well, neither of my recipes will be complicated but I really like to highlight this because I love minimalism and I don't like to spend so many hours in the kitchen.

Just steam the green beans for about 15 mins (and cook the salad beans but you can skip them if you want) then mix all the ingredients --> you're ready :)

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