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- Quitting my job -
My diary #2

Some people may consider leaving a workplace as taboo but I decided to write about this subject to help others make their right decision when faced with a similar situation.

The story of my recent job started after I moved to Northern Ireland from Budapest. Despite Omagh (the town where we live) being quite small, I got hired at a shop called 'Spar' in the third week of my stay. I was happy for this possibility because the place was located 2 mins from our apartment and I knew that it was insanely hard to find any job in this area because it has taken even more months for many of our acquaintances too. Although I got my degree during the summer at home, I accepted this job as good enough at the beginning of my Ireland venture - I was sure that I would find a better place quite soon after and just have to consider Spar as a temporary solution to be safe in the beginning.

I started to work in the shop's deli department where I had to prepare rolls, sandwiches, wraps and salads for people which would have been completely ok if I didn't need to spend time behind the hot food counter during the busiest hours too. I felt really uncomforatble there quite often. My hands always got burnt, I had to rush, there were usually a couple of problems with a few customers, etc. Plus I did not get proper training so I often had no idea where to find some stuff while rows and rows of people were waiting for their Sunday lunch in front of the food counter. I truly felt very bad there as if I was in hell sometimes. 

Some of my Hungarian colleagues have been working in Spar for years and they often told me that this is 'not so bad' and 'other places could be worse'. I, however, realised the bitterness in their voice because they said it as if they have no choice and must work somewhere they don't really like to work. I acknowledge that the salary in the UK is much better than in Hungary (maybe that's why they think that living abroad and working in Spar are their only savour) but the food prices and different products in general are twice as expensive as at home so the ratio is not much better at all! Realised by me.

After 3 months of Spar and thinking quite a lot, I honestly confessed that I don't want to feel trapped somewhere I don't like to be and decided I would quit to force myself to find another job. If I didn't succeed, I would head back to Hungary to take advantage of my degree, plus to spend more time with my family and friends, to enjoy the dry weather and to have more fun than in this small, empty town where it's always raining and which is more suitable for retired than for young people.

I knew it would be quite unpleasant to leave Spar because I would have to endure my boss's and colleague's first reaction while I felt in doubt of the future, plus I would have to work with them for a few weeks after my notice. Even if you are very determined about your decision (like me), the situation is just not nice when you have to state you want to leave and when everybody asks stupid questions from you like 'Have you found another job?'

Actually, I was just honestly straight with everybody: "No, I have not found another job yet and yes, I leave because I don't like to be here, this place is not for me, I'm qualified in a different area and I cannot accept anything less, not even for a few months"... One may say: "you're lucky that you have a choice" which is quite a common "opinion". But, actually, everybody has a choice. If somebody says she/he has no choice, that, I do believe, is not right. You always have one even if taking the first step and some things after are just not easy. You should never ever be jealous of other people's "choice", because... you have your own!

My favourite sentence connected to the unpleasantness of quitting a job is the following: a wonder lasts but nine days. So true. Every bad situation is temporary and you surely are not the last and only person in this universe who leaves a disgraceful workplace behind. Life goes on and in a few weeks or months other events will happen and nobody will give a damn about you.

I hope if you face a similar situation in your life and read this article, you will agree (and maybe feel better) thanks to these thoughts. Don't forget that you always have a choice. Being anxious about the future is futile because it's just an illusion which does not exist.

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