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- Health Theory #1 -

This article won't exactly be about a theory on a health subject, just a general thought of mine that I wanted to present in this category because it is quite close to it.

There are so many problems on Earth these days. It is not my personal opinion because the mentioned ideas hereinafter are rather facts than my opinion - probably you are already familiar with and aware of them. 

Getting to the point right away, I think that our fast-paced life is unable to fulfil us nowadays. (You can read a great article about it here). Every single person who lives in a modern, socialised community automatically develops strict habits and customs for themselves and this is manifested literally everywhere around us: in our family, in friend circles, at school and even at our workplace. Actually, we take on barriers from our rushing, impatient, money-centered modern life(style) and it is not easy to break out of these barriers.

The way of our eating and thinking is also very limited; we do not experience what is beyond the artificial food world that seems so natural to us and never seem to want to trace its hidden benefits and values. We live in a fog - and I will write much more about that at a later date :)

Going further, these days, we cannot rely on the leaders of our country, the administration of justice, the healthcare system or the companies that produce our food. There is a firm, unquestionable pattern established by these agencies and every new idea that may threaten their authority is detested by them fervently.

Making this circle narrower, we can say that the world is run by pharmaceutical companies standing behind every part of it, beyond all systems which can be said to function as toys in the medicine “kingdom”. 70% of the planet is on at least one prescribed medication and our health is definitely against pharmaceutical business - the sicker you are, the more successful they become. The eleven largest pharmaceutical companies raked in about 85 billion dollars profit in 2012. Hospitals, healthcare workers, medical universities - they are all held in the hands of these companies so that it is almost impossible to release any new, impressive research results that would have a significant impact on our health, on our world and would change them fundamentally.

This is our world today, in a nutshell.

There is no need to be paranoid about these facts or produce conspiracy ideas but acknowledging it as an existing phenomenon can help us see more clearly and be more conscious about our smaller or bigger life decisions.

Consider my blog as a kind of tiny light in this big, depraved world.
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