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- Moving home... -
My diary #4

A few days ago, I moved back from Northern Ireland to Hungary. I have already written that I quit my job there and I also published a contemplative post about how I had been feeling for a couple of months in Ireland, so I thought it could be an interesting update that I actually moved back to my homeland.

There are so many reasons about which I would not have thought earlier would have been considered as "reasons" but they really affected me in Northern Ireland.

First of all, I could not stand that it was raining almost every day. Before going to Ireland, I was prepared for this and was sure that a "little rain wouldn't kill me" but, actually, it did affect me significantly. My health, which was perfect in the last 3 years, was not so perfect in Ireland (I got a very unpleasant UTI on the second week, plus I got a cold 2 times during my stay). Furthermore, I just really hated working in Spar in the end because, being a physical work, it was very tiring and is really not for me because my left knee has been operated on 3 times so far and is just quite bad. The fact I have a degree and had to do that kind of job was just the 'icing on the cake'.

So, I'm back in Budapest again. It was obvious I'd live here because the city is just exciting, full of healthy food restaurants, shopping centres and job possibilities and I truly missed all of these when I lived in a little wet town. I know it's only January but I can already feel the warmth in my mind which will embrace me in a couple of months - Hungary's weather is dry and my body and mind vibrate with this condition much better. It is worth more to me than a bit more money that I could have gained in the UK.

At the moment, I'm living in a flat-share in one of the industrial areas of Budapest (it's a panel flat and the area nearby is quite dull but safe, so I feel ok here). I decided to make my room very comfy and homely so I went to Ikea and Jysk and bought some cushions, rugs, a duvet, a blanket and a plant, plus I will look for some items on ebay too. It makes me happy if I can deal with my everyday activities in a comfortable, nice environment.

Lately, I was looking for a job by sending lots of CVs and to my surprise, I got really good job offers and will have some interviews over the next few days. My qualification has become quite popular in Hungary recently and it makes me amazingly happy when it comes into my mind that I may do the kind of job I really wanted and for which I studied 4 years and sacrificed a lot.

Thank you for reading; I plan to give you similar, regular updates so feel free to return to my blog and join me on Facebook.


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