Layered plant-based pudding

- Food inspiration #3 -


~2 avocados
~1 kiwi
~a half of beetroot
~ some blueberries
~coconut flakes
~grinded nuts

Even if it looks a bit tricky, this healthy plant-based pudding is actually quite easy to prepare. I will instantly tell you how to do it :)

-For the green layer: I blended the kiwi with some avocados (then put the mixture into the fridge for about 10 minutes)
-For the pink layer: blending the beetroot with another piece of avocado and layering it on the kiwi-avocado layer (cooling for 10 mins)
-Brownish layer: mixing the blueberries with the rest of the avocados and some coconut flakes then layering it to the top (fridge again - 10 mins)

That's all! :)
While consuming this pudding, keep in mind that you take in loads of Vitamin C with kiwi, high amounts of iron with beetroot and a lot of antioxidants with blueberries.

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