Rebuild Your Blood

- Then rebuild your body -
Healthy theory #4

I like to write about these kind of scientific subjects connected to the human body because when I understood them, it helped me to choose my foods in a more concious way and my health has improved significantly. I hope the same will happen to you as well.

First of all, it would be useful if you forgot every marker of health you are used to at your doctor’s office. You should trust that a healthy diet with lots of alkalising foods would simply ensure you get back into balance and every function of your body would heal naturally, little by little, even without focusing on certain details. If you take in high amounts of healthy, nutritious substances, and drink at least 4 liters of water every day, you must/will be fine - but let's move to a very interesting, a bit more detailed fact anyway!

Have you ever thought that blood is an organ?

Probably not, but blood is truly living, flowing; the single organ of utmost importance. It is not different to your skin, bones, muscles or brain. This organ is unique to you and is individual. It receives, records and documents every thought, every word, every deed you have ever experienced in your lifetime. Nothing is ever lost when we are talking about the blood that’s why you should think twice about a blood transfusion (if you can), because by receiving somebody else’s blood, you will get traits of that particular individual’s identity too.

By considering healthy blood as key for a strong body, let's see how you can rebuild this organ. If you clean out your small intestines and let the structure and surface of your intestinal villi regenerate, you will be able to reconsctruct the structure of your red blood cells then your entire body as well. 

When you “digest” food, the villi grab it passing through and transforms it into red blood cells. (I used the speech marks in my previous sentence because, as Dr. Young has said on occasion, actually there is not digestion, but the alkalinisation and the transformation of the food.) For this process to happen, you need an alkaline pH in your small intestines that you can maintain by eating clean, nutritious, alkaline foods.

All in all, the food you eat transforms into red blood cells and there is nothing else which can be as important as this fact since the quality of your red blood cells will determine the quality of your other organs: bones, muscles, liver, lungs, brain, and so on. Actually, your red blood cells transform into bone-, muscle-, liver-, lung- and braincells based on the need of your body. Some people say that people who drink too much alcohol destroy their brain cells and since these cells are unable to reproduce, alcoholics will run out of a normal amount of brain cells within a certain period of time. However, I do believe that an alkaline lifestyle by rebuilding the structure of the blood would even help them to reverse this progression. It also does not matter if you already have a bad health condition or suffer from a certain type of disease, because the majority of these conditions are reversible.

I really like to contemplate about this process because it makes me believe that I have control over my body and my health, so I don't need to be afraid of serious diseases which may happen to me.

Rebuild your body by rebuilding your red blood cells! You can find some food inspiration for this here and you can join me on Facebook for further health articles and recipes.

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