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My diary #5

As I have said, I moved back to Hungary not so long ago and it makes me amazed that a whole month went by since then. I was rather absorbing than creating content during this period but I don't mind it because it helped me find myself again in quite a new situation and environment.

Hungary is my home but I had to get used to a new flat, job and people around me. Now I feel more comfortable and even the need of writing arose in time as well :)

To be honest, the crowdedness of Budapest bothered me a bit in the first few days, especially when I could hardly breath on the bus sometimes but I successfully started to focus on the advantages of the city.

I got hired to the Bacteriology Department of the National Food Safety Chain Office as a laboratory assistant on the second week after I had arrived home and I have been working there for four weeks so far. I feel more and more comfortable there and I am learning a lot. I am really happy because this is exactly the kind of job I have dreamed of. I find the tasks really interesting and could not complain about the compensation of my efforts either.

I am also happy because living together with my sister, we do quite a lot of things together. We visited some healthy food restaurants like Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop and Veggie Raw Vegan Bistro, watched movies at the cinema like The Danish Girl and How to Be Single, went to gyms to exercise a lot (Victory Fitness and Life1 Nyugati Fitness) and often did the shopping together.

It's winter so the weather is not too enjoyable these days but the difference to Northern Ireland's climate is indescribable. Even if it's raining, I don't need to cope with ice cold wind gusts. The air is not too humid and my body loves it a lot. I have more eneregy even if I don't sleep so much. I felt tired all the time in Ireland and I didn't understand it since my diet was/is amazingly balanced.

By writing this article, I wanted to provide a broadly 'overview' about how I am doing these days but I do plan to write about 1-1 days of mine in detail too in the future. Thank you for reading. Join me on Facebook, perhaps :)


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